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My Morning Self Care Routine

As we finish up the month of September; the month of Back to School which for me has meant back to work, I am reminded of how important it is to take care of myself after my vacation is over.  One of my lovely friends Dani recently wrote about her self care routine on her blog (, and it inspired me to reflect on my own self care practises. While I am so grateful for the vacation that I had with my current teaching job in Seoul, I also was a bit antsy to get back into the structure of my daily routines. The practices that I do around my own self care play an integral part in my recovery and overall emotional wellbeing. So here are a few of my self care practises!

1. Skin Care

After I wake up, roll out of bed & draw my blinds I head straight to my bathroom to prep my skin for the day. I take full advantage of the K beauty products in Korea, because I am surrounded by millions of Koreans with stunningly flawless skin, so I fully …

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