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My Plans for 2019

The year 2019 has arrived and with it brings a whirl of emotions for me. There is always excitement paired with anxiety around a new year. Excitement for my plans and the possibility of what the future may bring. Anxiety about what I feel needs to change and how do I go about changing it.

I have big plans for this upcoming year. And anytime I plan on making big changes in my life, there comes with it a lot of self doubt. I know that is natural, but I am trying to remind myself that I will be taken care of. I have reflected on the expression, "Man plans and God laughs" before, because it is so instrumental for me during these moments. So many of the events that have occurred in my life were not orchestrated by me. I had a part in them, but there was definitely a Higher Power at work and that is something that I truly believe.

When I got sober and started working on my own recovery, I took time to pause and reflect on my journey and what lead to my decision to cut alcohol out …

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