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Grief before Loss: Saying Goodbye to my Grandfather

In light of the fact that October is Mental Health Awareness Month, I felt compelled to share a bit of my own struggles with mental health, mainly with trying to support others who are suffering as well. I have shared a bit about my struggles with anxiety and alcoholism. Both of these were intertwined for a good portion of my life, and now are entirely separate. Anxiety can be crippling for me, and I am so grateful for the tools I have in my life now to be able to deal with it in a more productive way, but it does not disappear and it is a work in progress for me, one day at a time.
Trying to support loved ones dealing with mental illness is another important aspect of life and recovery for me. One that has become prevalent for me and my family this month for several reasons.
This fall has had it's fair share of heartbreak for my family. On September 8th, my cousin, Jared, was killed in a car accident. He had just turned 22. It came as a total shock to our family and I was grateful …

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