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Setting Boundaries: A Work in Progress

My journey in recovery has been met with many highs and many lows. I got sober, life happened and I lost one of my main coping mechanisms. So the past three and a half years felt quite raw for me because I was dealing with life head on, without a means for numbing out the pain. Pain is a reality for everyone, but something that I found a way to escape with alcohol. So getting sober was only the beginning for me, and honestly, a small aspect to what living sober meant. Learning how to live without alcohol means dealing with my feelings when they are happening to me, finding healthier coping mechanisms, finding ways to self soothe and opening my eyes to the ways that I am accountable in my own life. It has been a journey in self exploration and growth and it feels like every six months or so brings about a new theme that I am somehow forced to look at.

This past fall I have had to take a deep look at my personal relationships and the boundaries that I have with others. When I got sober I…

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