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The Disease of Self Comparison

This morning during my meditation I was hit was an intense wave of anxiety.

I had just settled into the meditation and was having a cozy morning at home, so this came completely unexpected.
Some of the worries that came to mind were:

I am going to be 29 in a few months and my life is about to take a major shift, what am I doing?

I thought that I would be starting a family by now and my husband and I are nowhere near ready for that right now. What does that mean? 

Am I going to be an old mother? 

Is it even going to happen for me? 

I plan on moving back home to Canada next year, will my husband follow me? 

Will we be able to make our lives work in Canada successfully? How long will that take? 
By the time we feel settled, will I be too old to have children? 

Yikes, it was powerful, and it truly came out of nowhere. The truth is, we just moved into a new place and it has been an incredibly joyous time for us. The apartment is twice the size of our old place, (which is still tiny) and we have re…

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