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Giving Western Medicine Another Chance

Throughout my life I have always struggled with digestion issues. When I was an infant my mother had to change my formula to a soy based one because my little tummy could not handle dairy very well. I remember as a child having Pizza Nights with our neighbours every second Friday night and often, I would have to go lie down after eating the pizza because of migraines and stomach pain. I have tried different diets and taken tests for food sensitivities multiple times. Two years ago, I stopped eating meat and cut down on my dairy consumption. I also cut out caffeine and alcohol almost 4 years ago. Still, I have struggled with digestion issues and for the past year, I have dealt with a lot of pain. I do not want to detail my struggles too much because, well, bathroom issues are not everyone's favourite topic. But I have decided to share this here because it is something very real that I have been going through and I know that a lot of other people share these struggles too. Just like…

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